The app shows "please insert probe" even when it's inserted into the phone.

  1. First, look inside the probe where you would insert your finger. When you plug the probe into your phone, does the red light begin to flicker and turn on?
  2. If the light does not turn on, at all, your iOximeter probe may not be seated properly. For some cell phone carrying cases, there may be extra plastic or a flap that prevents the iOximeter from being inserted all the way into the device. Try taking off your carrying case and just inserting the probe.
  3. If you have an iPhone, please look at the question below as that may also be the cause of this issue.

The "Accumulating Data" popup changes to "please insert probe" on iPhone.

Make sure you turn off any audio enhancers and turn down your volume before opening the app. Please shut down the iOximeter app then follow these steps:

Check to see if Mono Audio is turned "Off"

Mono audio will cause the iOx and iOximeter units to not function properly.  Ensure that this is turned off by going under Settings > General > Accessibility.