Phone Pulse Oximeter

Phone Pulse Oximeter

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, there has been a demand for new health care applications and hardware devices that work with Smartphones. Previously, there were three types of pulse oximeters: fingertip, handhelds, or desktop units. Pulse Oximeters that work with Smart Phones have only begun to come into the market. The iOximeter strives to be the next step in pulse oximetry and vital signs monitoring for Smart phones.

The major downsides to the current Smartphone pulse oximetry products

  1. They do not work with Android.
  2. They use either Bluetooth or the 30-pin proprietary port on the Apple iPhone 4 and older.
  3. They are priced much higher than traditional fingertip pulse oximeters.
  4. Some cannot be used while the phone is being charged.
  5. Some require an external power source or have a limited battery life.

The Goal


The goal of the iOximeter is to solve all of the problems listed above.

This product was conceived in 2009, but true development on it did not occur until late 2011. After over a year and a half’s hard work by the team, the first working prototype was created in July of 2013.

Through a successful crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo, we sold over 200 units. The iOximeter is in mass production as of March 2014.

Hand-soldering the new board.

Calibration and testing on the oscilloscope.

A very early interface.

A very early prototype.


Early versions of the iOximeter