Tips for Accurate Measurement


Position of Your Fingertip 

  • Failure to properly insert your fingertip may result in measurement errors. Make sure your nail is inserted into the unit so that your finger touches the back of the probe. 
  • Do not insert your finger into the probe upside down.

Hold Still

  • During measurement, try not to move and avoid unstable movement for more accurate measurements. 
  • Avoid placing the probe at a position that is much higher or lower than the height of your heart during measurement.


  • Please allow 30 seconds for the unite to acquire an accurate and stabilized reading after the initial reading is provided.
  •  It takes approximately 15 heart beats for the device to correctly calculate the user's levels. 

Cold Hands/Blood Circulation

  • The user's hands should be warmed to the average room temperature. 
  • Cold hands or low blood circulation in the fingertips will affect the accuracy of any oximeter. 

See detailed guide on how to use and
understand the iOX and iOximeter as well as the app.