The iOX 2 is a pulse oximeter. It measures
the amount of oxygen in your blood through the tip of your finger  and connects with your phone to give you a reading. It's simple and the device fits in your palm.

It is powered entirely by your device’s headphone jack or Mirco USB. There’s no charger needed because there’s no battery to charge. Just plug one of the included cables of your iOX to your iPhone or Android phone, and see your results on your screen.

iOX 2 Features


The App


New iOX 2 app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play.


iOX 2 Packaging



The Safe Heart team has been busy working on all aspects of the iOX. Here's one of the first design concepts for packaging. We've taken inspiration for materials from Apple products. Say bye-bye to those cardboard boxes guys!

First look


There are a lot of changes coming to our new pulse oximeter. We've taken advice and comments from our iOximeter customers to create a better smartphone pulse oximeter. 

Android Users Rejoice

If you're an Android user of the iOximeter you'll be very acquainted with our compatibility list. We've had many customers who were left without an iOximeter simply because their device would not work with our hardware. Those devices could not handle the power through the headphone jack. 

DISCLAIMER: The new iOX 2 has a detachable cable for Android will only work through the USB but may not work for all USB-enabled Android phones

Technical Specifications

How to Guide

Testing Tips

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