App Features


Irregularity Detection

It can be hard to tell when your blood pressure is normal, too high, or low. Our app helps dissolve this mystery by giving you the answer.


Reminders to take measurements.

MobiCuff will remind you to take your blood pressure. You’ll get a notification sent to your phone. If you have an amazing memory, you can choose to turn this feature off as well

Share and add notes to your results.

MobiCuff allows you to add notes to each of your results as you take them. You'll also be able to share your results with your doctor, family, or friends.


Track your results

Easily access your past measurements through our history pages. Choose to view your results listed daily or by the hour on the graph page.

The Gamification of MobiCuff


Not only does MobiCuff quickly and accurately measure your blood pressure, it motivates you to keep measuring through smart features and perks. By making the experience of taking your blood pressure an enjoyable one, you will be more likely to keep track of your health. Therefore, improving your overall health.


How do we reward you?

Every time you measure, you will be closer to revealing a new feature on our MobiCuff app. Features ranging from comparing your results with the National Institute of Health to having an expert physician evaluate your results. 

Mobie the Owl

Meet Mobie the owl, our mascot. Mobie feeds off  of your measurements. Keep him alive by measuring daily!


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