Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between the ios and android versions of the app?

Can iI add an audio extension cable to extend the range of the iOximeter?

All extension cables should be 3.5mm 4-conductor cables with both Microphone and Stereo channels. iPhones can support extension cables of up to 3 ft. Android phones do not have as much power, so the maximum recommended length is 3 ft.

I have discovered a bug in the app.

Please use the contact us form to submit your information. Please include as much detail as possible about your Phone model, OS version, carrier, and what actions taken cause this error to manifest.

I have an idea for a new feature!

Please use the contact us form to let us know.

Does the ioximeter have a warranty?

The iOximeter is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What does "PI" stand for?

PI stands for Perfusion Index

What is the perfusion index and respiration accuracy?

The accuracy of the perfusion index is +- 0.4. The accuracy of the respiration is currently only experimental. For more details about accuracy regarding the iOximeter please see the Product Specs section of the iOximeter.