MobiCuff is a blood pressure and respiratory monitor for mobile devices.

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MobiCuff coming to iPhones!

Thanks to our involvement in NeuroLaunch, we will now be able to create the MobiCuff for iOS users. Make sure you keep supporting us on our Indiegogo campaign!


iPhone, iPod, and iPad users can now download the NEW iOX app. Also, compatible with our current iOximeter probe!

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iOX App Compatible with iOximeter

Coming Soon!
the iOX Pulse Oximeter


Coming later this year, our second pulse oximeter, the iOX. New software and design will allow more devices to be compatible. Also, the much asked for audio alarms. You can pre order your iOX on our MobiCuff Indiegogo Campaign.


The iOximeter is a pulse oximeter for Smart Phones. A pulse oximeter is a device that measures a person’s pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation by shining a light through the person’s skin. The principle of pulse oximetry is well-established and the measured results are important vital signs used throughout the world of medicine, sports, and aviation.

The iOximeter is one of the only wellness products that’s powered entirely by your device’s headphone jack. There’s no charger needed because there’s no battery to charge. Just plug the included headphone cable of your iOximeter in to your iPhone or Android phone, and off you go!

iOximeter Tech Demo


Major points of improvement of the iOximeter are these: iOximeter is powered by the phone or tablet’s audio jack, so it does not require external power. iOximeter can work with both iOS and Android because it does not use a proprietary 30-pin, Lightning, Micro-USB, or other port. This lets you use the iOximeter while simultaneously charging your device, allowing for long-term and continuous monitoring. To achieve this, the iOximeter uses an innovative circuit design to send and receive data at a bit-rate that is sufficient for sending the measured telemetry while keeping the power consumption down to a minimum.





  1. Ability to measure your oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
  2. Programmable alarms for high and low readings.
  3. Ability to record your results for future analysis.

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