The first smartphone pulse oximeter powered by the headphone jack.

  • Charge while in use

  • No Batteries

  • Connects through headphone jack.

  • Works with iOS & Android devices (See list of compatible devices here)

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MobiCuff turns any smartphone into a smart blood pressure monitor.

Note copy.png
  • Irregularity Detection

  • Reminders

  • Save and Share Data

  • Gamification!

  • User Friendly

  • Affordable

  • Mobile

  • Addictive

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Mobile Oximeter For Rural Child Pneumonia Diagnosis

We have a new stop on our journey to our mobile health revolution! 

  • Inspired by the iOX

  • Reusable

  • Sterilizable

  • Waterproof Probe


Coming later this year!

Our Second Smartphone Pulse Oximeter

Audible Alarms At last! 

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